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What does it mean to be an amputee?

Ampuseek is an initiative that aims to better the lives of Canadian amputees. We are dedicated to improving how disability is portrayed, and making necessary resources more available to amputees.


We seek to answer

- how we can best address the challenges amputees face

- how we can responsibly and realistically portray disabled people

- how we can ensure amputees have access to all the resources they need

We take an artistic approach in answering these questions and tackle them in a positive way that encourages the public to take interest. These include our social media campaigns, photo series, and written blogs.


Our other projects address gaps in resources or barriers to access in a more targetted way. This includes resources we create and initiatives that work with government and other organizations to improve care and support.

Featured Project

Soft Pink Scars; Healing is Powerful

Emery showcases some intimate photos that feature marks of injury or times of illness. The soft light and tender expression pulls at feelings of wholeness and calm in face of past and present scars.

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