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Funding for a Prosthesis

This resource will be ever-expanding as we delve deeper into the world of prosthetics. If you know of something we should add here, or for other suggestions, shoot us an email at ampuseek@gmail.com or message us on Facebook!


Funding in Canada is split up according to province and varies greatly. All in all, it isn't as straight-forward or comprehensive as we'd like right now, but it's crucial that you be able to navigate it. Click the links below to be redirected to each organization's site.


For more information on funding in Canada check out some of our content, and especially the FACTS tab in the menu. 

Federal Orgs and Programs


Non Insured Health Benefits Program provides registered First Nations people and Inuit with a limited range of medically necessary health related goods & services when they are not otherwise insured by provincial, territorial or other third party health plans.

Workers' Compensation (by provincial board)

If your amputation was the result of a workplace incident and you have an active claim with any WorkSafe/WCB agency in Canada you will have 100% coverage for all approved prosthetic care. 

The War Amps of Canada

The War Amps are a nationally based NGO. Beyond veteran support, their CHAMPS program funds devices for children who have undergone an amputation. Their Adult Amputee Program also contributes to some costs for amputees, and they can also provide advocacy support through their advocacy department. 

Be sure to check in with your insurance company as well

Provincial Government Programs