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Resources for amputees

When we started Ampuseek, one of the first projects we wanted to start was the creation of a resource manual for amputees in Canada. After consulting with all stakeholders involved, from amputees, to prosthetists, to manufacturers of prosthetic devices and doctors, we have found a need for a resource that can help to guide a new amputee through the many many steps and facets of amputation.


This resource includes practical information that is currently more difficult for amputees to access, such as pricing for different prosthetic devices, how provincial medical coverage and assistive device programs work, vocabulary and tips for communicating with one's health professionals, as well as tips for coping and mental health. This is an ongoing project, and ever-growing resource, so let us know your thoughts and suggestions at ampuseek@gmail.com or leave a comment!


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  • Terms and Care Team

  • Common Concerns 

  • Knee Finder

  • Funding for Devices

  • Post-Amputation and Mental Health

  • Body Image

  • Dress Up Your Device