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How Much Coverage Does Ontario Give?

September 2, 2016


As we know, funding in Canada is split up provincially, with each province being responsible to make a program to help amputees get the devices they require. Enter Ontario's ADP (Assistive Device Program). On paper, ADP is supposed to cover 75% of costs, but more often than not, the true coverage for most components of a full prosthetic is far less than this, because they only cover 75% of what they've deemed their max. So, if an amputee is highly active and requires good quality components, their higher cost will result in ADP only paying, say, 10% of that part. This results in a low overall coverage percentage.


These numbers come from Emery's personal bills for three leading microprocessor knees. 

This graph shows the total cost, the "client portion" or the amount an amputee would have to pay to cover the cost of one of these limbs. Also provided is the amount ADP (or the Ontario "Assistive Device Plan") helps to cover for the cost of this necessary device.




It is apparent that this amount barely scratches the surface of the total cost, and doesn't scale to meet the higher cost of a more functional device.






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