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We've heard amazing stories from so many amputees, and we want to document them here. These are stories sent in by amputees about their experiences. To send in a story shoot us an email at ampuseek@gmail.com

November 21, 2017

Kia: Osseointegration and the Joys of Helping Others

"I fell skiing at 11 years old and tore my knee apart. I suffered with repeated knee injury and surgery until I turned 40 - my left leg was amputated above the knee.


The most important and best things in my life are my adult sons. I’m a Mom, a caregiver, a positive person that loves everyone and wants to see everyone do well and know they are loved and important. I volunteer any way I can with the SPCA and the Hospital Auxiliary. I have 2 cats that I love. I help other amputees adjust, find information, be their cheerleader, and support in any way I can.


I had Osseointegration surgery in Australia January 18th of 2017. Through building a package of specialist support letters, proof of quality of life before and after, fundraising and applying, I was successful at getting BC Medical out of country financial support. All my paperwork and begging to be seen by surgeons and Dr’s had gotten the surgery, implant and hospital stay in Australia covered by BC Medical.


My mobility is not a real issue now. My amputation has just broadened my knowledge and resources and provided me with more people to love and encourage. My amputation doesn’t define who I am - but it did make me reach out to a whole group of friends that share similar hardships and life situations that I didn’t even think of before. I am an advocate, peer support person, animal lover and my gift surpasses my disability." - Kia

 Kia runs a blog called "Keeping up with Kia" that you can find on Facebook.

November 21, 2017

Fern: Pharmacare Frustrations

"I've been a BK amputee for 51 years. Due to my stump being thin-skinned and boney, I need to walk with a silicone insert. Despite the fact that I cannot use the leg without one, my medical plan only covered $150 of a $1300 bill, and that is for "basic functionality".


Only last year my family lend me the funds to get a second leg with an adjustable ankle. It was initially intended so I could wear little heels, but I find that it is less stressful on my under developed knee. My Pharmacare leg is collecting dust while the enhanced leg is worn daily. I have always worked to support myself and need my leg to do so. It shouldn't cost so much to simply do, what others take for granted. Thank you for voicing my own frustrations." - Fern

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