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Terms and Care Team

Amputation deals with a lot of jargon. Find out who your prosthetist is and what they do. What is osteointegration anyway? What does trans-radial mean? Do I go to the doctor or my physiotherapist for this? Learn some terms and familiarize yourself with the world of amputation. 

Common Concerns

A list of issues that many amputees we've spoken to have wanted help with, from swelling and phantom pain to having your period as an amputee. Also includes links to other helpful info from the War Amps of Canada and Amputee Coalition of America.

Knee and Socket Finders

These tools help you find models of knee and socket according to your amputation level! It is a good idea to do your own research into prosthetic technologies before and after seeing your prosthetist; you may even find something they've missed! 

Funding for a Device

Figuring out how you will receive funding or pay for your prosthesis or other aid usually has to happen before you can be fitted. Here we provide links to each province's funding program and give some tips. It is important to be educated as you will be your own advocate for getting the best possible help.

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